Kindergarten – Middle School Faith Formation

Beginning in Fall 2020, SJCC embarks on a true 21st century Faith Formation program. These developments respond both to the COVID-19 restrictions and Church’s renewed efforts on moving from a religious education (schooling) model to true comprehensive faith formation.

SJCC has reworked its faith formation program offerings to a single, multi-faceted option called Faith & Family.

The 2020-21 faith formation year begins October 4th.  If you would like to register your child or if you have questions about our program, please contact the faith formation assistant, Mary Ellen Will.   Please allow up to 3 weeks to process your registration. 

We want every family to have the opportunity to attend our Faith Formation and Sacramental Prep program.  If you are unable to afford the full payment at this time, please email the Faith Formation Office to see what options are available to you by clicking here.


Faith & Family at SJCC


We are very excited about our new comprehensive program designed to meet the needs of busy families especially in this time of restricted parish gatherings and attention to a safe/healthy environment for each and every person at every age. This program is built with five required components as well as optional activities to nurture and develop your child’s faith.We look forward to working with our families as we all deepen our relationship with Jesus.


Families are expected to attend Mass in person or online on a regular basis.

Family Homework: Submit 2 or more LITURGY review forms per year.


Families are encouraged to serve their communities through projects and activities.  We have service opportunities built in to our program this year.

Family Homework: Submit 2 or more SERVICE forms per year.


Attend/participate in prayer activities. Examples are Adoration, Festival of Lessons and Carols, and Stations of the Cross.

Family Homework: Submit 2 or more PRAYER forms per year.


October – June, First Sunday of the month family gatherings on site (choice of morning, afternoon, and evening).

If we cannot gather, there will be an alternative digital communication such as a Zoom call, or PowerPoint, or other.

Family Homework: Attend 8 or more events. Submit 8 or more GATHERING forms per year.


Pre-K: Pflaum Seeds and activity sheets (No assessments)

K-6th: Christ in Us curriculum (text and online)

Student Homework: Submit 28 chapter assessments

7-8th: We Live Our Faith (text and online)

Student Homework: Submit 22 chapter assessments


These are optional.

Mini Tasks (part of the Christ in Us curriculum)

Family challenges (created by the A-Team)

You could earn an ice cream party in June
or a prize from our treasure box.

Catechists & Other Volunteers Needed

Have you checked your phone lately? Maybe God is calling you to be involved in SJCC faith formation!  It’s not just about teaching others.  Being involved in our faith formation process allows you to deepen your own faith, meet new people, and help build our parish community; all while answering God’s call.  You can be on the ground floor of a leading edge faith formation program.  If you have basic computer skills and enjoy communicating with others about the love that God has for us, we’d love to hear from you! For more information about these exciting opportunities, view our volunteer page.