For all the sick… Ben Dean, Lois Shipley, Cecelia Booth, Elaine McClearn, Mary and Larry Brown, David Foley, Angela Lambert-Hall, Greg Allen, Jaden Shipley,  Lyle Peters,  The Robinson Family, Pam Blatzer Murphy, Myrtle Carmine,  Nancy Berhardt, Pam O’Bryhim, Andrew Moan, Marion Kniska, Wendy Lane, Brittany Smith, Alicia Bryan, Eleanor Cassilly, Kelly Noppenberger,  Alexandra Trocher, Frederick Dvorak, Katrina & Jeremy Johnson, Bradley Reyes, Sarah Peters, Janis Gilbert, Diane Bastress, Jan Hussle, Kellie Fauls, Heather Gunther, Jennifer Cleckner, Rosemary Murray, Judith LeBaron, Nick Pinto, Bob Moan, Rebecca McAndrew, Ray Vaccare, Jim Briles, Bob Sutliff, Mary Helen Molnar, Carolyn Nacewicz, Abby Cafiero, Baby Weston Penn, Lucille Perron, Carole Gauthier, Jim Judge, Doris Wagner, Michael Kirchner, Angie Norfolk, Frances Ironmonger,  Jane Bucci, Carol Truitt, Lois Shipley, Blanche Capriolo  ….Let us pray to the Lord: Lord, hear our prayer.

For all who have died: Greg Pinkerton, James Lewis, Margaret Noppenberger, Garrett “Gary” Conover, Danny Garcia, Anthony Waggoner, Susan Gubernatis, Pasquala Pigangi, Lois Holdson, Mary Cion … Let us pray to the Lord: Lord, hear our prayer. 

As of  1/11/2021


To add your loved one to our prayer list, please contact the parish office at 443.920.9191 or via email.

Baltimore saw more than 300 homicides in 2020, with a total of 335 homicides (13 fewer than in 2019) and with more women killed (48) than ever before.  Thank you for your continued prayers – may 2021 bring peace and an end to this terrible violence and loss of life.

Here are the names of the homicide victims from 12/20-1/9/2021.

Deyonte Davis, 4

Dereck Jackson, 49

Tiffany Wilson, 33

Amourre Watkins, 19

James Simms, 21

Jose Martinez-Guerrero, 49

Peter Boikai, 18

Maurice Day, 37

Tyler Burgess, 1

Brandon Fleming, 43

Natalie Wright, 41

Sherril Armstead, 36

Maurice Christian, 19

Sawn Pressley, 28

Kamira Jeter, 24

Leah Jeter, 21

Jerrod Prescott, 25